Tourneys and SNGs

Ashton Cartwright Awesome Hair

Now that daylight savings has kicked in, I’ve been able to play while there is a bit more volume online. I pretty much never get up until 10am, but now that 10am is 9am, it all works out well! Played a couple sessions this week, from waking until about 2pm. . . only played about 15 tournaments for 3 final tables, and maybe 60 sngs. The sngs have been really juicy on partypoker lately, with some of the $109s firing full of fish, so I suspect I will make an effort to play a few more hours as the week goes along.

Since most of my online volume comes from partypoker now, I have been paying more attention to the promotions they have. Their “partyfest” or whatever it’s called starts up at the end of the month (their version of the Online World Cup), and between now and then they are giving away instant scratchie cards based on how much you play. Pretty interesting. You get to instant win either partypoints or cash. . . I get maybe 20 tickets a day, so I tend to end up with about $50 worth of bonuses by the end of a session. Nice little increase to my hourly rate 🙂

Haven’t played much live poker lately. I missed out on the ANZPT Sydney because of an ill-timed flu. I figured that if I went to the casino and spent days sitting around in air-conditioning it would probably just keep me sick for another few weeks. . which really didn’t seem particularly interesting to me. . so I decided to skip it.

Did some cool shit to my hair too! Ended up with colours like a rainbow roll-up. . . but I think it turned out pretty cool.

Ashton Cartwright Best Hair Ever