A change of pace. .

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Over the last week or so I’ve adjusted some of the times I’ve been playing online, and it seems to have been a good idea.

Over the last month I have been experimenting with playing shorter sessions online during the day, usually from whenever I wake up (about 11am) until about 4ish in the afternoon. These short sessions were a necessary lifestyle change since a moderate amount of my time lately has been devoted to writing the two books I’m in the middle of (a poker book and a comedy. . . just because multitasking is awesome).

I was running into an ever so slight problem with that routine however, as every time I would do an all night live poker session (maybe once or twice a week) it would throw my routine out for the next day or two. Apparently I’m getting old or something. Crazy. So this week I tried a different routine of writing during the day, and then playing my usual short session online in the evening, from perhaps 6-11pm, and it’s been doing quite well.

I’ve still been playing on just 888 poker and PartyPoker, because these sites are smaller, so there are generally only 50-200 runners in most of the games, so they finish within a few hours, just right for my target of only playing for 4-5 hours at a time. I’ve found that the calibre of players on these sites, although always soft, is perhaps even softer in the evenings.

Over the last week I’ve had 1 small losing session, a couple break even sessions, and a couple solid winning sessions, with an overall result of about $100 an hour, just playing the $5 to $66 tournaments. Not the highest income in the world for a poker player, but certainly an acceptable result for someone of my modest skill level. 888 in particular seems to be really soft in the evenings. They have started running satellites for the WSOP Australia events happening in Melbourne too, from 99c right up to $400 buy ins, so I’m probably going to try and qualify for that. Ff you haven’t tried 888 yet, I highly recommend you give it a go, even if you just use the free $8 you get for joining, and play their $20,000 freeroll.

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In other news, I spent last weekend at the Shire, where I was introduced to “Chocolate Cake” shots. . . a potent and delicious combination of vanilla vodka and Frangelico. Sensational, and quite possibly my new favourite drink. I had no idea that the Shire was actually a real place, but apparently it is. It’s pretty cool, as are the people, although there were much fewer Hobbits that I anticipated. I can only presume that they aren’t in season at the moment. There were plenty of unicorns running around though, so that’s just as impressive.

Tonight I’m getting my hair dyed by the wonderful Emma Young of roller derby fame, in exchange for copious quantities of alcohol. Not sure what colours we are going to end up with, but it should be pretty vibrant one way or another. I generally don’t go more than a month without changing colour schemes. . . one of the advantages of not having to look professional in any way!

On the writing front, I’ve been really enjoying writing these books, and they are both coming along reasonably well. It’s generally accepted that I am the LEAST creative member of my family, even taking my hair colour into account, and writing a book may be the only chance I have to redeem myself. I’m planning on giving away some free digital copies when they are finished, so if anyone is interested in getting one for free, just jump in the newsletter below and I will let you know when it’s available.

Thanks for readin’, and may all your sets hold up 🙂