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Woke up this morning, and made $50 before even starting my poker session! As I’ve mentioned before, most of my time online is spent on 888 Poker these days, along with playing some of the tournaments on PartyPoker. So I logged in today, and 888 was advertising the “NUTS!” promotion, where they will give you a 20% instant cash bonus to whatever you deposit, up to a bonus of $50. I always keep a fair bit of cash on each of the poker sites anyway, but if they want to give me $50 just for depositing more, then that’s certainly fine with me! So I deposited $250, got my instant $50, and then went about my business! Easy money! Will probably be cashing a moderate chunk out early next week anyway, so it should work out well.

I had a pretty reasonable 5 hour session today, and finished up about $850, plus the $50 bonus, so a $900 day over all. I’m becoming more and more of a fan of these short sessions, as I can stay fresh and focused, as well as having the rest of the day free for other stuff (like writing and exercise and such). I’ve generally been starting my sessions at about 11ish, and registering tournaments until about 2pm, then just finishing them all off by about 4ish. Pretty cool. This sort of routine makes it easy when I do a late night cash game session too, since I can have a bit of a sleep in without it affecting my regular schedule (I played a live poker game until 2am last night for example).

Rest of the evening will probably be spent getting some work done on the ol’ book. It sounds nerdy (and it is!), but I’ve been enjoying writing a book much more than I anticipated. Never new I had even the slightest hint of a creative side. . . except perhaps for my selection of hair colour. My mum’s second book came out a couple of weeks ago, and is getting really good sales online, so perhaps some small amount of her creativity has washed off on me. Will see when it’s finished 🙂

In other news, my main man Matt Moate is raising money to help people with cancer, though Dry July, where you go without alcohol for the entire month of July. A a good bloke, and a great cause. Check him out: Matt Moate Dry July Fundraiser

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