Smashing PartyPoker!

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Lately I have found myself playing PartyPoker almost exclusively. I generally mix my play up pretty evenly between PartyPoker and PokerStars, but over the last couple of weeks I have just been playing on Party because it seems to be much softer. Actually, it’s definitely much softer. In fact, it’s softer than Brie.

I generally play on Pokerstars so much because they have the highest number of players, and therefore the greatest volume. I find that I play best when I am playing the same format on every table, so if I’m playing tournaments I will play tournaments on all 20 or so tables. I can’t usually do this on PartyPoker because they don’t usually have more than 10 or so tournaments running at any given point in time. Party is so weak though that I have found myself playing those 10 tournaments, and then filling up the other 10 tables with cash games or SNG’s. Even the pretty big SNG’s ($109 and $210 buy-ins) are generally filled with losing players, unlike on PokerStars where buy-ins of that level tend to be filled with fulltime grinders just making rakeback.

Even the cash games seem to be quite a bit softer. I’ve never been a particularly good cash game player, since I’m usually too boring to do anything to complex, and therefore the professional cash game grinders tend to smash me, but on Party I’m quite comfortable and profitable playing anything up to about $2/$4. Pretty cool. I suspect I will spend a bit more time on that site over the next few weeks leading up the Christmas.

I’ll let you know how I go 🙂

I pretty much give this site 5 out of 5 for softness!